We have meet Alex Moretti, Commercial Director of Fallen Planet, the studio behind Affected: The Manor
What is the pitch of the game?


Alex: AFFECTED: The Manor is a VR horror experience inspired by the very popular real world horror walkthroughs that are in theme parks and standalone events around the world. Meaning there is no main objective aside from getting to the end! There are no keys to find or puzzles to, it is a walkthrough that has deliberately removed any clumsy VR mechanics that might break immersion.
As the mechanics are very simple it is also a great app for introducing people to Virtual Reality. It has been described as having the best graphics and audio in VR and together these features combine to make an extremely immersive VR experience.
When and where has this game been released?Alex: AFFECTED: The Manor began as a demo on the first Oculus developer HMD released in 2013, the mobile version of the app was released in June of 2016 and is still the highest rated experience on the whole GearVR store. It has also been released on Oculus Rift and Steam where it has positive reviews.

Can your game be used by VR arcade owners?

Alex: Fallen Planet Studios have used their experience in the VR space to create a special commercial version of their app. This has been designed to increase replayability whilst also enabling a quicker throughput where necessary, this is important for many involved in location based entertainment. The experience takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete each route with 3 unique routes in the experience. AFFECTED: The Manor is also great fun to watch friends attempt to tackle it and we have received very positive feedback from arcade owners that love this dynamic element of the app.

So far, how has the game been received by the out-of-home market?

Alex: “AFFECTED: The Manor” was the first app to get shown in the Ctrl-V arcade in June of 2016 and since then it has been used in VR arcades all around the world. “AFFECTED: The Manor” has also been used as a standalone attraction in several theme parks in Europe and the US, as well as partnering with Google Daydream, Virtuix Omni and Cyberith Virtualizer as launch app for these platforms. This highlights what a high quality and powerful experience AFFECTED: The Manor is.

How can arcades see this and where can they obtain the game for their use?

Alex: AFFECTED series has amassed over 200 million views on YouTube to date and “The Manor” is the first release in that series. The commercial version is available through the Steam Site Licensing Programme at just $20 per month, for arcades without a Steam Commercial License please contact info@fallenplanetstudios.com
Steam link:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/707580/AFFECTED_The_Manor/

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