We have meet Jan Hursti, founder at  Pikseli, the leading VR arcade in Finland.


Tell us a bit more about VR in Finland, and Pikseli?


Jan: At the moment in Finland we are living hectic time of VR startups. We are part of VR acceleration program Nordisk VR startups. We are nordics first really big VR arcade. We have thousands of visitors in our first Arcade and second one has just opened its doors few weeks ago. We try to open Virtual reality secrets to everyone. We have all kind of experiments in our Arcade and our oldest client was a 92 years old man who was amazed about this technology.

What is the most crucial thing to make VR become a huge success?

Jan: When content is good. Everything is about content. We arcade owners should be involved to create this content. We and our customers are best testbed to know what kind of games and experiments are going to be huge success.

As a VR evangelist, you often talk to people that have never tried VR. What is the most difficult to explain?

Jan: It is like telling someone who has never seen Movies. If you show picture about human watching movie it does not tell you anything. You only see human staring some screenshot. VR is about emotions. You must test it yourslelf. Ar the moment lot of games and experiments are fighting shooting and basic Videogame things. What surprises me that VR is everyone. We have lot of visitors from girl groups to older womans. People who never been interested about computer games so much., We need more experiments with emotions for these people especially. I mean strong emotions. One of the best games that I have tried is Gnomes and goblins. This is something that you  cannot do in movies or anywhere else. In this game you contact and watch fantasy avatar at the eyes and try to create relalionship with your movements and reactions to creature that does not really exist. This is what makes difference with any other media at the moment.


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