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This white paper explores the current state of the VR industry and VR location-based VR market more specifically. It provides in-depth analysis and perspective on the value that VR LBE delivers the industry, the challenges it faces as it looks to rapidly expand globally, and its most promising opportunities going forward.

It has been developed over the period of August – September 2017, drawing on 3 main information sources:

  1. 25 interviews with leaders from across the VR industry, including:

VR LBE owners and operatorsCTRL V (Canada), YJM (Korea), Eyedolon (France), MK2 VR (France), Pikseli (Finland), Diversion Cinema (France), TheVRcinema (Amsterdam), TwoBitCircus (US)

VR content creators (i.e. game and movie studios): Springboard (US), Innerspace (France), BigBoxVR (US), Quivr (US), Avatarico (Spain), Okio Studio (France), Mixed Realms (Singapour), Dreamsail Games (US)

VR hardware and headset manufacturersSamsung, Nvidia, HTC Vive

VR thought-leaders/evangelistsKevin Williams (out-of-home entertainment expert), Alan Smithson (Metavrse), Laurent Chretien (Laval Virtual), Christophe Lafayette, Emilie Gobin Mignot (VRNISH), Bertrand Wolff (VRNISH)

  1. Proprietary database of VR LBE operators listed on VRNISH around the world (China not included). Quantitative contents include: geography, type of locations, size, business model, consumer archetypes etc.
  2. Secondary research on VR sector and burgeoning VR LBE space, including articles, studies, and white papers


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