Interview of Carly McCrory, Marketing and Communications Manager, Ctrl V

What is CtrlV? 
Ctrl V is Canada’s first virtual reality arcade, offering experiences in the newest frontier of entertainment and gaming. With custom-designed VR stations featuring the HTC Vive, each Ctrl V location offers high-end commercial VR experiences and a variety of different games. Visit us at our website for more information.

Who are the founder? What did you do before? Why did you decide to open VR arcades? How many are you? 
There are 3 co-founders. Please see document attached for bios and photos

Who is your target? 
VR is for everyone! We want to give people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to experience VR, because there is truly something out there for everyone. That being said, our biggest demographic is males ages 26 and older.

What kind of content do you show (games?videos?other?)? How many titles? 
Currently, we are offering game-related content at our arcade. We have over 45 games playable at our Waterloo location. We are constantly updating our library and add new games every month.

How do you select the content you offer? Do you change them frequently?
 Many developers reach out directly to us to have their game in our library. The management team also keeps an eye on the newest VR releases and what’s popular. The staff does testing of each game to make sure it’s enjoyable, high quality, and a good fit for an arcade setting. We try to add at least 4 new games every month.

How do you attract people/create traffic? How do you encourage customer loyalty? 
Our most successful marketing is word of mouth – we provide our customers with amazing new technology, fantastic customer service, and an overall fantastic experience that they want to tell their friends and family about. We currently don’t have any customer loyalty programs in place but we plan to implement some in fall 2017. We encourage our customers to come back by consistently releasing brand new, high-quality games for them to come back and try.

How do you manage your place? Do you have special software?
Our arcades are run by a software that our in-house development team created called the “Ctrl Suite.” It consists of the “Ctrl Panel” which is our arcade management software, in addition to the “Ctrl Room” which is the customer-facing software that they use to launch the game by themselves. You can see a quick preview of the Ctrl Room in our new explainer video:

Your arcade/network in 3 years?
 We have over 10 more locations planned to open up by the end of 2017, with many more on the horizon

What is your 1st VR memory?
(From Ryan, CEO): The first time I ever tried VR was using the Nintendo Virtual Boy. The technology has come a long way since then. My 1st VR memory using the HTC Vive is watching our COO jump into a wall to escape zombies in Brookhaven.

What was your most enjoyable moment in VR recently?
(From Ryan, CEO): Our graphic designer, Rob Brunette, came in recently with his friend who has very limited movement, as well as his friend’s mom. It was awesome watching them collaborate and use teamwork to fend off zombies in one of our most popular games, Arizona Sunshine.


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