VRNISH helps your VR location to shine!




You are planning to launch a place with VR experiences and materials? You already managed your arcade, VR cinema or VR events?

Here is how to do to create and manage your VR location page on VRNISH :

  • Create an account, using the form or with the social logins
  • Click on the button at the right of your screen and follow the instructions
  • Once you are on the submit page, please fill all the Global and Location Owner fields in order to have the most complete page for your location.
  • Once it’s done, our team will review it and we will look forward to give you access to your location page, as soon as possible

NOTE : Please note that if your location is already on VRNISH, please ask a claim to it by contacting us ! (Also note that you will need an account in order to claim a page).

Add my location
Permanent or temporary VR place, let people know all details: contents, opening hours,…