VRNISH attended to Viva Technology in Paris, mid june. We have been very interested by “Immersive entertainment – changing your point of view”, a talk with Tipatat Chennavasin (The Venture Reality Fund), Elisha Karmitz (MK2) and Ed Tang (Avegant).

A few key quotes:

TC: “VR is a new immersive media, offering emotional responses”

TC: “VR is a tiny market, but it will grow a lot”

EK: “VR today can be compared to the time when The Lumieres’ brothers were inventing cinema”

EK: “It is a new platform, just like radio, TV and movie where in their time, but it offers completely different experiences, much more connected to your emotions”

TC: “Each region has a different strategy towards VR. Asia is doing a big push for location-based, whereas the US is focussing more on the consumer”

TC: “VR has such a strong potential because it is for the masses”

EK: “Location-based is the social face of VR: millenials come with their friends, it’s a social hangout, with a before and an after. A venue with and an open space, where people can gather all together is a must! And it’s not staff consuming!”

EK: “The scale of location-based should be massive”

EK: “VR is not the next cinema, VR is not going to replace cinema” TC: “Now is the time for independent studios to emerge”

EK: “The big studios are taking the industry to the next level, thanks to their strong storytelling capacity”

EK: “The changing point in VR? When you experience great and deep emotions. Inarritu has achieved it”

TC: “The changing point? Tilt brush!”

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